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Musings & Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit.

Musings & Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit. I haven’t written anything for several weeks & in all honesty, I truly wasn’t willing to share with even those closest to me how I was doing physically or spiritually. While it’s easy to say I’m doing ok & hide behind a mask, that isn’t what establishes true transformation in our lives or relationships. So I’m going to ask each of you to please carefully consider this thought as you read through it today.

In our childhoods, choosing to disobey our parents quite often led to our detriment & yet some of us still continued to be rebellious despite their best attempts to correct our behavior. Not realizing that we were establishing a lifestyle that would become filled with self-centeredness, distrust & destructive behaviors by doing so over time.

Even now, our disappointments whether with ourselves or others only allows those established patterns of childhood rebelliousness to continue, leaving behind the aftermath of woundedness & destruction in both our lives & relationships.

Personally, Discipline is challenging & yet without it, we(I) would remain unchanged physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. It is applicable in every aspect of our daily lives & when we choose to make the smallest commitment towards our Father God who is our Creator & loving Abba, He runs to meet us with open arms because of Y’shua /Jesus who gave himself for us before we came to be… & we are forever changed through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit who leads us as disciples/followers of Messiah/Christ only to the extent we allow Him to posses & heal our hearts of all our deepest, darkest & hidden wounds.

It’s my personal prayer that each of us become more willing to take that next step that allows the healing power of YWYH’s deep abiding love to cleanse our hearts & leads us into the discipline required as members of the royal priesthood & servants of the Most High God, The Great I AM.

Blessings & Shalom with great love,

Susan Anderson

Musings and Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit.

Musings & Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit. Stubbing your toes. Is there anything more startling, painful & frustrating when you encounter some object with your toes during the night?! (Or any other time of day). I recently decided to change the position of a few things which meant that the normal path I take between various rooms would be slightly different than before (dramatic pause). As you can surmise, during the night, I wandered into the living room & wham!! Of course, it could’ve been much worse than stubbing my toe against leg of the ottoman I has relocated & thankfully, it wasn’t. As I’m semi-laughing at myself, I recognize a tendency to stub my toes spiritually far too often lately because I’ve not dealt with those little roots that pop up every now & then or an issue that I’ve been avoiding comes rushing at me “from out of nowhere” & suddenly it’s got to be taken care of right then. We all know that putting things off until tomorrow only creates more havoc & chaos in our lives & yet I tend to drag my feet, expecting it to either go away or just disappear on it’s own which thus that hasn’t ever happened over the last 40 years of so called adulthood. Yes, we each have various challenges we face, some daily, others less frequently & even those that only occur once in a lifetime which brings me back to my original thought, I really shouldn’t wait until I stub my toe to make the changes that bring Abba’s best for this life nor should anyone else for that matter. I hope & pray that each of you haven’t stubbed your own toes lately, physically or spiritually.

Blessings & Shalom with a little smile at my own silliness & the hope you’ve got one too, Susan Anderson

Musings and Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit.

Musings and Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit. In my last communication, I shared that I was climbing out of a pit (one of my own making) that had my focus on self rather than on those around me. Outwardly, there were subtle changes that reflected my inner turmoil as I struggled with temptations that come with every trial we face yet God was faithful to provide a way out if I was willing to see it and make the better choice. When we encounter the deep mercy of Abba, Father God who lovingly allows each of us to freely choose and have our own way even when he knows it will lead to our separation from his presence and deep love, our hearts and spirits are impacted in untold ways. In the parable of the prodigal son, the younger son wanted his own way and his father, knowing that this son would make poor choices, still chose to let him have what he wanted then watched his eventual return,  so too does God when one of his beloved sons or daughters goes astray. Was there a huge celebration because I realize the error of my attitudes and ways? Not an earthly party that one can physically attend; No, this is one that took place in an area that once contained darkness held deep in my heart. I share my stories in the hope that it may help you grow closer to Abba in your own walk and by being willing to share openly my shortcomings honestly brings even more freedom from satan’s trap. Thank you for the privilege of doing so.

Blessings and Shalom, Susan Anderson

Musings and Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit.

Musings and Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit. Temptation, fiery trials, friendships with the world (fleshly desires). For myself, these serve as a constant reminder of my great need to be watchful of my thoughts, attitudes and actions all of which are being displayed on a daily basis before all I encounter whether it be strangers, coworkers or family and friends. Lately, I’ve had to re-enforced the armor of God (Eph 6:10-18), Matt 6:10 & 1 Cor 10:13 periodically throughout my day in order to maintain my freedom from the enemy’s snares when encountering situations that have the potential to open doors to disaster. Our enemy studies to know what’s in our hearts and I willingly admit mine can quickly become extremely ugly and dark with envy, bitterness and strife if I were to allow those things or others to remain. I often spend time as a walking prayer closet especially when under conviction concerning an issue set before me. Often the Holy Spirit will reminded me of a particular scripture like Hebrews 11. Or of King David who is known as being a man after God’s own heart which encouraged me to be faithful in my own pursuit of knowing Father God as I go about my day. So it is my heart’s desire and prayer that we too become known as men/women after God’s own heart as we face and overcome the daily temptations, fiery trials and friendships with the world that come our way.

Blessings with Shalom, Susan Anderson

Musings and Meanderings, Conversations with the Holy Spirit.

Hello, allow me to introduce myself, My name is Susan Anderson.
 I am a simple disciple and follower of The Way which was established by
the apostles after Messiah returned to Heaven and took His rightful
seat at the right hand of YWYH, who desires to found faithful in her
pursuit to be as King David of whom YWYH said was a man after His own
heart. I hope that you'll join me in this journey of sharing my thoughts 
and conversations that take place when I'm in my prayer closet. 
Blessings an Shalom, Susan